A community wide collaboration aimed at accelerating the restoration of the forests in Flin Flon and Creighton to their original northern beauty.

Restoring Our Community Forest

In and around our communities there are areas with little or no vegetation. Old tree stumps show that these areas were once forested. The Green Project aims to restore these areas to their original condition.

barren area with tree stumps
A barren area treated with limestone in 2000

Inspired by the example set in Sudbury, Ontario, our community members are applying crushed limestone to the soil of barren areas to stimulate the growth of plants and trees. This activity began during the spring of 2000. By August 2014 more than 55 hectares of barren land have been treated in 40 areas in and around Flin Flon and Creighton. The results of the work to improve the condition of the soil in our area is illustrated in the sequence of photos below.

Clarence spreads limestone on barren area
Before - May 2000


Treated area in 2003
After - August 2003


treated area in 2007 showing lots of vegetative growth
After - August 2007


treated area in 2011 with thick bush
After - August 2011


treated area in 2012 with thick bush
After - September 2012

By 2013 the photos show a screen of green leaves and the horizon cannot be seen

Up to 800 Volunteers a Year!

Each year we have approximately 800 volunteers that help to spread limestone throughout the barren areas of Flin Flon and Creighton in order to stimulate revegetation. Some of these volunteer groups include:

McIsaac School Students Help to Spread Limestone
Students from école McIsaac School Spreading Limestone


Hauling Limestone
Volunteers Hauling limestone


Hauling Limestone
Resource Rangers Hauling limestone


Adult Volunteers Helping to Spread Limestone
Adult Volunteers After Spreading Limestone


Flin Flon Bombers help out at Grandview site in 2001
Flin Flon Bombers help out at Grandview site in 2001